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Novel Writing: Update #3

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post) and I’ve been keeping myself accountable by posting monthly-ish updates (posts 1 and 2). For each update, I share three things about the story (including word count). Word Count: I thought the previous the month was bad for my writing, but this month was possibly […]

Creative Writing Exercise: Through the Senses (Step 2)

This is a continuation of a previous post, in which a fictional character (first person point of view) wakes up in a familiar room.  The writing exercise is from the first chapter (“Through the Senses” by Robert Olen Butler) of Now Write! Fiction Writing Exercises from Today’s Best Writers & Teachers, Edited by Sherry Ellis. […]

Novel Writing: Update #2

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post).  Last month, I decided to hold myself more accountable with monthly updates. For each update, I will share three things about the story (including word count). Genre: If you haven’t joined me on Goodreads, you really should. I have just started delving into paranormal mystery, […]

Creative Writing Exercise: Through the Senses (Step 1)

I have decided that I want to try different writing exercises for my blog, and possibly evaluate which exercises I liked the best and why. For this ‘series,’ I will use the book entitled Now Write! Fiction Writing Exercises From Today’s Best Writers and Teachers, edited by Sherry Ellis. This exercise is from the first chapter, […]

Novel Writing: Update #1

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post).  I’m going to try to stick to a monthly update on my blog. I’m hoping this will keep me accountable, and I also want to share more about my story. For each update, I will share three things about the story (including word count). Genre: I […]

Twitter Prompt: Creative Writing Exercise

Last night, I vented frustration about not having any inspiration to write (for both my blog and my urban fantasy novel) on twitter. @EW_Neilan saw my tweet and responded with a prompt. It’s one I think I’ve seen before, but had never tried.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rough draft, and if you feel […]

Writing Productivity: Daily Writing Goals

When it comes to writing, I have found that the best way to keep me on schedule is to have a daily writing goal. During NaNoWriMo, my writing goal was almost 1800 words/day. However, with a full time job, and other interests in my life, that pace isn’t sustainable or practical for me.  Here are […]

Picture Prompt: Creative Writing Exercise

I started following blogger K.J. Chapman, and I like her picture prompts for writing. This is my first time doing something like this, but here’s my rough draft of the creative writing exercise. I woke up in the dark. I blinked my eyes several times, thinking that my eyes just needed to adjust to the darkness. […]

Writing Productivity Tool: Music

I had an English teacher who did an ‘experiment’ with us and had us write to different types of music. Of course, I don’t remember the music now, but I remembered how the different paces of music effected my writing. I guess it’s no surprise then, that some years later, I find that music still […]

Novel Writing and other writing goals

Hopefully this will be the last long break from my blog!  I really do enjoy keeping up with it, but things have gotten busy.  I have a lot of news to say, but I’ll just keep this post focused on one thing: writing. I put a lot of effort into NaNoWriMo this year. For those that […]

School and Work Update

Life happens fast…crazy fast.  I can’t believe it’s almost October!  A lot has happened in the last month (since my last post), and I can’t even start getting into it right now. So, this will be just a quick update. Writing  Hopefully I can re-activate the writer in me and find new motivation because there […]

Technical Writing: Beginning of a Journey?

So a few months ago I re-applied to Texas Tech’s program for technical communications. (I had applied three years ago but my application was quickly rejected *sad face*.)  The due date was about two weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten a response (one way or another). I don’t know if this is a good […]