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Lack of Dog Parks in Korea

When Sue Jung was a puppy, in Korea, there weren’t any dog parks–at least none near me. (There might be one in Seoul.) Most Koreans don’t own dogs. The ones that do, let their pups run wild in their homes, or leave them tied up/staked out in ‘yards.’ That said, there were a few people who […]

Adventure at Peters Canyon Regional Park

After a short search of dog-friendly parks, I decided to take my dog, Sue Jung, to Peters Canyon Regional Park. We arrived around 11:30 am on a Saturday morning. With my sunblock pre-applied and a gallon of water in my backpack, I felt prepared to tackle the longest trail (about 5.6 miles). The parking lot was mostly empty […]

Happy Birthday, Sue Jung! A Recap of Our Adventures

My dog, Sue Jung, is officially five years old. (!)  I adopted her when I lived in Korea after months of debating whether or not I really wanted to have a dog in my life (back story on Sue Jung). Since then, she has been one of my favorite travel buddies (where permitted). In Korea, I […]

Goodbye, Texas

You read that title correctly. I have officially moved out of Texas. While I was happy to bid farewell to the state of Texas, it was hard to say goodbye to my friends, family, coworkers, and students. I had mixed feelings about saying goodbye to my apartment. It was far too expensive for my budget, but I loved […]

Busy Working

Since I have been back in the States, I have sat in front of my computer numerous times to write a blog and then found myself stumped as to what to write about. Sure, I have had a lot of things happening in my life that might sound interesting but they are not all exactly […]

Wagging Tail Dog Park

First of all, Sue Jung (my dog) has always loved dogs. She’s enjoyed being around dogs much more than being around people. Once I came to back to USA, I knew I wanted to get her to a dog park. My mom had no idea if there was one near by. I ended up bumping into […]

Leaving Korea with a Dog

Well, Thursday was my fly out date. I paid a little more for my ticket so that I could get a direct flight from S. Korea to USA. It was TOTALLY worth it. I hate layovers and I didn’t want too much stress on my dog.  So there were a couple of things that I […]

Poor Sue Jung…

She’s growing so fast!!! Last week, (1.5 wks shy of 4 months) she weighed 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs)!!! She looks like she’s molting because she’s slowly losing her puppy hair. So…why poor Sue Jung? I bought her a harness because she will soon outgrown her collar and I thought a harness would be good for […]

Sue Jung…WHY!?

Sue Jung…why do you like to eat things that you shouldn’t?! She loves her crate but she likes to tear up the blanket I gave her. (I cut up an old blanket of mine and put it in her kennel and I guess the stuffing is a little too accessible.) I have been taking her […]

Meet Sue Jung

After months of contemplating getting a dog in Korea, I decided it was time. I am attracted to larger breeds but they need to be raised with cats from a young age. On top of that, the dogs I’ve been looking at are from animal shelters so their behaviors towards cats are largely unknown. So, […]