Novel Writing Update #4

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post) and I’ve been keeping myself accountable by posting monthly-ish updates (posts 1 ,and 2, and 3). For each update, I share three things about the story (including word count).

Word Count:

Dare I even mention my word count?  Life has taken some crazy turns (and some interesting adventures that I will have to blog about). It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I have let it impact my writing. Sadly, there have been several weeks where I didn’t even write at all!

  • Story: 52,257
  • Notes: 48,446
  • Total: ~101,000 words

First Draft

I am only two scenes away from finishing my first draft! I’m really looking forward to revising.  I just have to motivate myself to hash out these last two scenes.

Love Interests

I can’t decide if it is too cliche for my main character to have a love interest (or two). However, I think that most readers in this genre will expect it. So part of my revisions will be the development of a love interest. As long as it’s not forced, then I think it will be fine.


What do you want to know next about my story?  I am still reading paranormal mysteries. Do you have any books or authors to suggest?



  1. you ever read Pier Anthony Tangled of skin. There were like four novel one was on a pale horse, wielding a red sword and so on. excellent recommendation is you looking for strange insight.

    1. I”ll have to check it out! I’ve never heard of it. It looks like the first in the series in “on a pale horse.” Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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