Medieval Times Dinner & Live Show

I celebrated Mother’s Day by taking my mom out to Medieval Times Dinner and Live Show. She had never been, and I wanted to treat her.  It was a bonus that they had a Mother’s Day special–free ticket, drink, and a tote for her.  I upgraded our tickets for VIP status, which meant a (somewhat rushed) group shot with their princess in a Medieval frame, a towel, a banner, and first 2-row seating!  The seating had some drawbacks during the show (like too close to see floor of the arena if they were too close to the wall.  Personally, I think the second row would have been better, but front row seats were pretty awesome. ^_^

2017-05-08 19.05.20.jpg

The dinner was delicious!  I ate too quickly to get a picture of everything together, but here’s the menu (as printed on their napkin). It was filling, so I didn’t finish everything.

Medieval Times Menu

The first part of the show was a beautiful white horse with fancy footwork.

2017-05-08 19.07.50.jpg

The next part of the show was the competition.  Each of the seating sections are different colors. We were in the black and white section.  We were encouraged to cheer for our own section and allies (two other sections); and we were also encouraged to boo our enemies and their allies.

2017-05-08 19.21.21.jpg

The knights did different types of displays of their skills (e.g. hooking hanging hoops and hitting a stationary target). After each time they won/successfully completed a task, the ‘princess’ gave them a carnation, which they handed out to a ‘fair maid(en)’ in their respective sections. After that, they actually competed against one another in combat–two at a time for a final victor–jousting to mounted combat to hand-to-hand combat. We had a couple overenthusiastic guys in our section. Their commentary and cheers left us in giggles.

We were in the black and white section.  Rumor has it that this section always wins.  I’m not sure if it’s always true, but it was when we went.

2017-05-08 20.38.18.jpg

After winning the tournament, he ‘crowned’ a maiden in our section and the princess came with him.

Medieval Times crowning with knight and princess

If you ever want to go, there are several locations in North America–as listed on their napkin.

Medieval Times Locations

Overall, we had a great time. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. The rows only go 5 or 6 back, so it isn’t a huge deal if you don’t get the upgrade. However, I think that as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity, then the upgraded experience is worth the extra price.  What do you think?  Have you been?


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