Redondo Beach Kite Festival

On March 12th 2017, I got to experience the 43rd Festival of the Kite at Redondo Beach Pier (California)–free entry(!).

2017-03-12 15.34.12

I wasn’t fan of the weather: it was a little chilly, overcast, and foggy. However, the winds were strong for kite-flying.  It took us a little while to get our kite up, but once it was in the air, it didn’t want to come down.

2017-03-12 14.15.04.jpg

Our Star Wars kite. ^_^

The beach was crowded with kite-flyers; some people even had two kites going at the same time.  The true hobbyists had what looked like a fishing reel. A few people braved the cold ocean, but I was more than happy to leave the sandy beach for a seafood restaurant with an excellent view.

2017-03-12 15.59.01.jpg

I really wish the weather had been warmer, but it was nice pier to visit. It’s a definite must for kite flying enthusiasts and anyone looking to entertain young children.

Has anyone else gone to a kite flying festival or to Redondo Beach?


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  1. John Nguyen · · Reply

    Well I had fun ~_~

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