Novel Writing: Update #3

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post) and I’ve been keeping myself accountable by posting monthly-ish updates (posts 1 and 2). For each update, I share three things about the story (including word count).

Word Count:

I thought the previous the month was bad for my writing, but this month was possibly worse! My mom came to visit, then I got sick, which meant that I had little time/energy to devote to writing. That said, I did quite a bit of research and I am super close to finishing my first (albeit ugly) rough draft!

  • Story: 52,014
  • Notes: 45,036
  • Total: ~97,000 words
IMG_5721 (640x427)

Proof of the visit. It was beautiful, but the chilly air led to me becoming sick.


I had drawn up some original ideas of my antagonist well before I had gotten into the meat of the story. So, this month I was really struggling to tie everything I had written to match it to my villain. It wasn’t working. I FINALLY had a breakthrough this week. I just need to decide between one of two antagonists (a male or a female). The gender will determine the exact motivation. I don’t think I can share too much or it will ruin the ending!


While I originally wanted some in-your-face magic, my story and main character are a better fit for a ‘cozy’ paranormal mystery. I looked into various paranormal/supernatural abilities that people question/believe might be possible. One of the powers I have decided to add to one of my characters is hypnosis (though a stronger magic than current beliefs would extend to). I believe it is perfect fit for story and gives it more paranormal attributes to solidify the genre. 🙂


What do you want to know next about my story?  Do you have any paranormal mystery books or authors to suggest?


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