Lack of Dog Parks in Korea

When Sue Jung was a puppy, in Korea, there weren’t any dog parks–at least none near me. (There might be one in Seoul.) Most Koreans don’t own dogs. The ones that do, let their pups run wild in their homes, or leave them tied up/staked out in ‘yards.’


That said, there were a few people who walked their dogs. I’d occasionally bump into one on my walks. When Sue Jung was a puppy, she was able to mingle among them and even play.


live action photo with a crappy phone camera; Sue playing with a Maltese at night

However, once she became more than 25 lbs (10kg), other dog owners started looking at her as if she were going to eat their precious little purebred. She was a high energy dog, so I couldn’t stop walking her. I did my best to avoid the strange (and sometimes fearful) looks by taking the longer walks (1-1.5hours) at earlier/later hours.

09-06 (2)

Early morning Sunday walk: A Japanese woman with an Akita.


I would have liked for her to continue to mingle, but few owners would let that happen. So, the vast majority of Sue’s outside time was on a leash or on the open roof tops without a leash. In other words, she really never was able to ‘run free’ when living with me in an apartment.


Don’t worry: Roofs are enclosed and relatively safe. ^_^

It makes me happy that USA is more dog-friendly. I’ve even been able to take her to dog parks and I look forward to finding new ones.


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