Creative Writing Exercise: Through the Senses (Step 2)

This is a continuation of a previous post, in which a fictional character (first person point of view) wakes up in a familiar room.  The writing exercise is from the first chapter (“Through the Senses” by Robert Olen Butler) of Now Write! Fiction Writing Exercises from Today’s Best Writers & Teachers, Edited by Sherry Ellis.  There are 7 steps to this exercise; this is the second step.

An object, through the senses

My eyes rested on the small stand near my front door. Normally, I kept the stand clear of everything except for maybe my keys, but I could see that something was resting on top of it. Feeling shaky, I stood up and walked slowly towards my stand. I flipped on the light switch in a pitiful attempt to chase away the bad vibes with light.

The mysterious object looked like a smooth gray piece of river rock with flecks of gold. With some trepidation, I reached for the rock. It was unexpectedly warm, and I jerked my hand away. I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves, and reached for it again–bracing myself for the warmth. Carefully cupping the rock in my hand, I gave it a light squeeze. It wasn’t squishy, but it wasn’t as hard as a normal rock either. I brought it closer to my face for a closer look. It smelled vaguely of honey and there seemed to be a liquid swirling beneath the surface.  Freaked out, I quickly put it back on the stand.

(To be continued…)

I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing, and if you want to offer more ideas or try it out yourself, let me know and post in the comment section below. ^_^

(P.S: Happy Mother’s Day!)


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