Novel Writing: Update #2

In November,  I began writing a book (mentioned in this post).  Last month, I decided to hold myself more accountable with monthly updates. For each update, I will share three things about the story (including word count).

Genre: If you haven’t joined me on Goodreads, you really should. I have just started delving into paranormal mystery, and I have absolutely no regrets. My novel definitely fits within this category and I’m excited to read more authors.


April reading: 4 paranormal mysteries and 1 urban fantasy

Word Count: I’m going to be honest.  My writing has been a bit in the slump. Work has been crazy, so I have pulled some ridiculous overtime which as left me with zero motivation/creative energy. As a result, I’m pretty embarrassed about my progress.

  • Story: 46,022
  • Notes: 42,867
  • Total: ~89,000

Main Character: Of all my characters, I worry that she is the least defined. I think it’s because she has to be so well rounded, and I don’t want her to feel like a stock character. As I write, her personality is slowly growing and evolving. Therefore, there are only a few things I can share now with certainty: (1) she’s an artist (quick sketches, with more of a passion for painting), (2) she’s fairly reserved, and (3) she has a talent for finding missing objects.

What do you want to know in my next novel update?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    What age are we talking about,, she is young under 20 or more.. as far as being able to find objects, did she find this out at a young age… someone told her or help her develope her skills or just natural born attribute.

    1. I can answer some of those now, and some I’ll have to fine tune later. 🙂 I’ll work on fleshing her character and give another main character update…either next month or the following.

  2. […] I’ve been keeping myself accountable by posting an update roughly every months (posts 1 and 2). For each update, I share three things about the story (including word […]

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