Adventure at Peters Canyon Regional Park

After a short search of dog-friendly parks, I decided to take my dog, Sue Jung, to Peters Canyon Regional Park. We arrived around 11:30 am on a Saturday morning. With my sunblock pre-applied and a gallon of water in my backpack, I felt prepared to tackle the longest trail (about 5.6 miles).

The parking lot was mostly empty and was relatively cheap (an all-day pass for $3). The beginning of the trail was narrow and relatively crowded, which put Sue Jung on edge. However, once we reached the longest trail, the path widened out and encounters with people became less frequent.

2017-04-22 11.33.37

The trail is on the left. (The right is gated off.)

The trail became unexpectedly steep and you could walk for over a mile without any shade whatsoever. I found myself wondering if my hiking shoes would have been better than my tennis shoes. That said, I passed by quite a few runners and bikers on the trail.

2017-04-22 11.57.09

We ended up walking along a trail along the ridge on the far right.

Every quarter to half mile, there were some awesome view points with benches to sit on.

2017-04-22 11.41.422017-04-22 11.57.13.jpg

I stopped every 20-30 minutes for both of us to rehydrate. However, After two and half miles, Sue Jung was exhausted and became content to lie down in the dirt.

2017-04-22 12.31.48

I think I underestimated how hot it was going to be. When a park ranger stopped to talk to me at one of our stops, I decided to take him up on his offer for a ride back to the parking lot.

2017-04-22 12.47.27

The bed of the truck was HOT, but I think Sue appreciated not having to walk any more.

As soon we got home, I gave Sue a bath…not only to clean off all the dirt but to cool her down.  It might have been the first shower she has ever enjoyed.

2017-04-22 cropped

Overall, I had an awesome trip!  I plan on going again and finishing the trail–just not with Sue Jung.  If I take her again, it will be during a cooler month and on the easier/shorter trail.

If you’re curious, you can read the official park page here.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for a good place to hike?



  1. Jacqueline · · Reply

    Sue Jung says thank you.

    1. Yeah…She was happy to be home after the shower…And sleepy continuing to the next day

  2. John N · · Reply

    Too bad Sue walks all wonky in her dog shoes

    1. Plus it’s too hot. Dogs sweat through their feet so it’s not good for long treks either

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Glad you are exploring places seem like a cool place to go and check out…

  4. Ella Smith · · Reply

    hey dear loved the pictures you took. The hike looks like a great one,

    1. It was great! I can’t wait to go back and finish it..I just wish there was more shade in those long stretches.

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