Brea, CA: Eagle Hills Christmas Lights

Now that holiday decorations are packed away, I feel like reminiscing on the Christmas lights that I saw less than a month ago in Brea, CA. Homes with Christmas decorations are always pleasant to see, and CBS Los Angeles named Eagle Hills in Brea as one of the top places to see neighborhood Christmas lights.

This particular neighborhood is well-known for its display. In fact, the neighborhood blocks off parts of the main roads, hires security/traffic guards, and goes all out in its display with scheduled hours for visitors to drive/walk through. I was surprised to see just how many people were touring the neighborhood–with traffic crawling and pedestrians walking along on the sidewalks and crossing streets.

Parking was only available outside of the neighborhood, and CA had a cold front dropping the temperature below 50F. Needless to say, I decided to stay in the car and take pictures from the passenger’s seat.

Eagle Hills Christmas lights 1

A gorgeous home with one of the many signs to keep traffic moving

Some homeowners even sat outside with outdoor heaters to keep them warm and available to talk to anyone that wanted to stop by.

Eagle Hills Homeowners Christmas Lights

These homeowners were staying warm.

Not every house was lit up, but the homes that were decorated tended to go all out.

Eagle Hills Christmas Lights 2

Even though it wasn’t snowing, I appreciated the sentiment and the icicle lights.

Most were generic Christmas themed and few had nondescript lights, but a few were a little more unique.

Star Wars Christmas

Case in point: Star Wars

All in all, I enjoyed the Christmas displays. Maybe next year I’ll try going on foot.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yes looking at lights was an intertainment in itself, I recall we use to laugh cause some folks just place one or two cheap displays.. why bother. ja ja.. either way glad that some still celebrates the Christmas seeason. This year we plan to place the nativitiy set outside the house. We shall see..

    1. 2 decorations…At least they tried! I had one up on my apartment door. It cost a dollar. Lol

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