10 Differences Between CA and TX

This is an (albeit delayed) continuation of my previous post about when I moved out of Texas to settle into California. Honestly, I don’t think my day-to-day life is significantly different between the two states. However, here are some things that really stand out to me.

Top 10 Noticeable Differences Between CA and TX

  1. Dog-Friendly Apartments: Unlike Texas, finding a place that accepts 45-pound dogs is difficult. Not only does it cut the apartment search results by over 1/2, almost all of the reasonably priced (read: cheap) places are instantly out.
  2. Cost to Rent: A ‘cheap’ apartment in CA is at least double what you would pay for a cheap apartment in TX.
  3. Housing: If you want to opt out of renting, and just buy you’re own place, there is some serious sticker shock.  For half the size and property, you can pay more than 4x what you would pay in TX.
  4. Gas: I guess it goes without saying that gas prices would be 2-3x more expensive in CA than TX. However, this had me intrigued:
    • In Texas, if there were two gas stations across the street from one another, they would have similar prices (usually within a 5 cent range).
    • In CA, I have seen gas stations with 30-40 cent differences across the street from one another.
  5. Homeless: Texas isn’t without their fair share of homeless people (usually in concentrated areas), but they are much more present in CA. In CA, I can pass by a homeless person (not the same person) almost daily on my morning walks with my dog.
  6. More Stable Weather: Texas has some crazy weather changes. I am so glad that California tends to be fairly stable: it cools down or warms up gradually. There are no spikes like this:


    First week of January 2017, in Dallas from WFAA…30 to 70 degrees in 3 days (and plunges are just as crazy)

  7. Beaches: It might be my own bias, but I never thought the Texas coastline was all that great. The Gulf Coast water usually seemed brown to me (note: I visited different areas along the coast). I’ve been to several beaches so far in CA and, for the most part, they are all pretty beautiful. The water is more blue and less gray. Some of the beaches have more seaweed and whatnot on the sand. Of course, everywhere struggles with at least some bit of littering. Surfing/body boarding is more prominent in CA as well.
  8. Traffic:  Yes, it really is that bad here.  Texas has its moments, but they don’t have five to six lanes (one direction) packed.  I think if Texas opened its roadways, they could alleviate some of the problem. California just has too many people driving.


    Highway driving on a weekday afternoon…stop-go.  5 lanes one way

  9. Clothing: Overall, we’re all American, so it’s not as if there’s a huge difference between the two states. However, I have yet to see any “Texas attire” that you take for granted while living there, i.e. cowboy boots (on males or females), large belt buckles, or cowboy hats.
  10. Asian Food: This is probably one of my favorite things about being in California. Asian communities are small in Texas. While Dallas has a few places with a strong Asian presence, it’s nothing compared to California. There are some distinct areas with high concentrations of Vietnamese, Chinese, and/or Korean populations. The foods in these areas (or even some outside of the areas) are delicious and authentic–unlike chain restaurants that cater to the American pallet.  ❤


Any other differences that stand out to other people?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I see things have not changed as far as reasons not to live in CA. The soliders use to say once they visited TX they were not going back.. they loved Texas lot cheaper money went furthter less stress. So yes leave me in Texas..lol

    1. I tried to highlight the positives, too! At least the wages in CA tend to offset the cost of living. It’s not true for job, of course. I’m not in the most expensive area, but I’m not in the cheapest area either. It’s good enough for now. 🙂

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