School and Work Update

Life happens fast…crazy fast.  I can’t believe it’s almost October!  A lot has happened in the last month (since my last post), and I can’t even start getting into it right now. So, this will be just a quick update.


Hopefully I can re-activate the writer in me and find new motivation because there is a LOT I still want to add to this blog and a writing project I really want to successfully start and finish. Speaking of writing, I’m hoping to participate in NaNoWrimo this year..I did it way back 5 years ago(!!), so I want to attempt it again. I have an idea for a novel/series but it’s only very loosely formed. There’s a lot of prep work I can do before November, but I will see what happens.

Graduate School

I finished graduate school with flying colors! Such flying colors that I think I got 100 in every class except for one (curse that group work). Graduation was the first week of August, but I chose not to attend and opted for a vacation instead. ^_^  (I will get to that post one day.) As for tangible proof of my accomplishments, I’m still waiting for my degree in the mail…


My old job contacted me in the Spring to help out here and there. I got to work from home and fit in the job whenever I had spare time and if they had any work for me. Long story short, as of the beginning of this month, I have somewhat of a ‘dream’ job in that I get to work as a full-time employee from home! The work can be a bit stressful (more so than I remembered), but it’s going pretty well. Basically, I left this position for school and now I’m back at the job–except with the perk of not having to work in office.  I don’t know what the future holds in store, but for the moment, my degree is not monetarily benefiting me.


I know it’s messy, but this is my workspace! I have a PC tower (blocked by the computer chair) for the two monitors. I’m a big fan of dual monitors-both for work and for personal life.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Just give thanks to the Lord everyday, at least lyou have a job and a fantastic edumacation. Some folks still trying to decide what to do. Ask the Lord, where do you want me and take it from there. Other than that congrates I am proud of you..huggs across the miles.

    1. haha. Things are going pretty well. New directions everywhere. I do love the flexibility that working from home offers! (Even though I still maintain normal work hours-8am-5pm)

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