Universal Studios Hollywood

This summer, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood. I enjoyed the first part of the day the most because there were less people. That place gets packed!


The first place we stopped at was Harry Potter World!  The buildings really made you feel like you were stepping outside of LA.


The “snow” on the rooftops didn’t fool the body when the midday sun hit.

I made to sure to hit all of the roller-coaster rides and the 4-D rides. It’s hard to say which rides were the best because I enjoyed them all.  Surprisingly, even the tour bus had some 4-D ‘ride’ elements.


The tour also included driving past stages and these building props.

My feet were definitely hurting by lunch time, so I took advantage of taking some seated poses in Jurassic Park.


I wanted to be under the waterfall.  Sign reads: Our raptors love selfies.

Krustyland competed with the Minions area for color.






While in The Simpsons’ area, I decided to indulge in a gimmick-y ice cream: Lardy Lad’s Donut Sundae.


It looks better than it tastes

I got to see everything I wanted and ride every ride–ALL before closing time.  It was an awesome day!



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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Glad you are having fun.. thanks for the memories.

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