Grad School Update: Group Work

Today was the last day of my Spring 2016 courses. I’m so happy to be done. *happy dance*  I have less than 3 months left to go, and then I will hold a Master’s Degree. I am pretty excited, but these last two weeks were pretty stressful.

The classes I took this semester relied heavily on group/partner work. The top 5 for this semester include:

  1. A ‘whole’ class participation to make a rubric
  2. A group of five to write an 18-page report
  3. A group of four to write an 8-page research paper
  4. A group of three to research and create a PPT presentation (25 slides)
  5. A group of three to write a 15-page research paper

I hold myself to (probably excessively) high standards. So, while I work well with others, I tend to assume that everyone will hold themselves to the same expectations.

It’s frustrating when they don’t.

Some people do not participate at all and a few others will do the bare minimum. I even had partners drop the class without notice, in the middle of a group assignment.


Pretty much my group’s sentiment

I want to be a part of a team where everyone does their share and does it well. I look forward to it because I have worked with stellar teammates (just not on the same team at the same time) in some of my classes. I have four classes left. My fingers are crossed for either less group work or better collective teams.


How about you, readers? Any good or bad teamwork experiences?


One comment

  1. […] with flying colors! Such flying colors that I think I got 100 in every class except for one (curse that group work). Graduation was the first week of August, but I chose not to attend and opted for a vacation […]

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