Thanksgiving Break

While some people grow up loving Thanksgiving, I was always impartial. There are two things I love to eat this day: deviled eggs and pumpkin pie. As for anything else…I can take it or leave it. Do I hear, “Blasphemy” !?  haha.

Despite my own lack of Thanksgiving ‘cheer,’ my family usually pulls together to have some kind of Thanksgiving feast (typically as a late lunch). This Thanksgiving, I wanted to escape all that. Without even seeing if anyone wanted to join me, I reserved a week at an attached cabin near a lake in Texas.


The cabin

A few weeks before it was time to check-in, I asked my mom if she wanted to join. Surprisingly, she agreed.


A short walk to the lake

We both brought our pets (my dog and her cat) and relaxed for a few days.


Sue Jung enjoyed the outdoors

Our days consisted of snacking while binge watching HGTV mixed with Forensic Files. Oh, and the best part?  The deviled eggs.  ^_^


View from the porch of our cabin




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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Rest and relaxation is what life is about. we are here in this world to serve, do the best with what we have teach others and move on. The thing is, folks don´t even take the time to smell the flowers, read a good book or enjoy what they have. Glad you are taking it easy. Love you.. .out here for now..

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