I swear I’m not a workaholic

I have a problem.

While I do not consider myself a workaholic, I have a hard time saying no to work especially when I either (a) care about the job or (b) like my supervisor.  As a result, I have about…four jobs right at this moment.

Make that FIVE if you count being a part graduate student as a job.  Actually, I consider it a job…therefore…FIVE jobs.

How have I done this to myself!?

  1. I rejoined teaching, and that is my primary job with 40 (actually more) hours per week.
  2. I technically quit my previous full-time job with my last day being August 1st, but they extended my contract. I work from home on a part-time basis whenever they need. Typically, I work 3-15 hours/week for them.  My extended contract should have ended at the end of August…but it’s still going. This *should* end soon.
  3. I still have my part-time, one day-a-week job at a bookstore. I’ve had it for over a year now and I should be getting my second evaluation and raise next month. I don’t really plan on quitting this job, but I do plan on transferring to a location nearer to where I live.
  4. My friend is an entrepreneur and when they asked me to help out with some online work…I figured that I could spare about an hour each day to help out.  I’m not sure how much work is left for this job but I know I have at least 3 more hours of work to do…most likely more.
  5. Graduate school started Monday. I have only one class for a mini-semester which means it’s the work of a full semester crammed in half the time.  I have another class lined up once this one ends.

This better all be worth it and I hope I don’t burn out in the process. I’m actually typing this while I should be sleeping, but some of the stress is starting to eat at me. After tossing and turning for over an hour, I figured I’d try to be somewhat productive and update my blog since it’s been MONTHS since I last posted.

Wish me luck…because everyday is starting to feel like “one of those days.”



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    What is the purpose of working so much if there is NO goal. I worked a second job to pay off the car earlier. Now, I always stated, education is the best investment anyone can have.. Money comes and goes you never have enough. Bottom line, ask yourself do I really need the money that bad ????? What is your ultimate goal what you see yourself doing in Ten years.

    1. I don’t need the money that bad right now. I think I can budget pretty well later on. I just had a hard time saying, ‘no.’ I hope not to be in Texas after 5 years–one job at that time and enjoying where I live. *fingers crossed* I hope that plan works out. I think I can be ready after two years.

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