Views from Windows

I have found myself back in a full-time teaching position. I thought these days were over, and yet, I have never fully left teaching. After all, my first job back in the States was as at an elementary school (with some hilarious kids). One of the first things I did in my new classroom was to look out the window. Gazing at the downtown skyline, I found myself with a lot of mixed feelings and thoughts.


View of downtown from my classroom

This picture exemplifies two things that I always think about when I think of Texas: blue skies and a never-ending horizon. I love the blue skies but not the land. The land is too flat, and the hills (few and far between) are small.

This is the first time I have worked so close to a downtown area of a major city. I have always had mixed feelings about cities. I moved to Korea because I wanted to escape the large city/suburban life and live in the country. However, on weekends, I found myself going to the large cities to meet friends (like when I went to Daegu for a Girls’ Night out), shop, eat foods, and basically do the things that were unavailable in my village/small town.

Sometimes I find myself drawn back towards the more rural areas, but I still am unsure what kind of place I would ultimately like to live. Thinking about those rural areas, I decided to look at my previous classroom window’s view. The school was on the outskirts of a small city in Korea, but within walking distance to a mini-downtown area.


View from my Korean classroom

One of the things I don’t miss out about Korea are those gray skies. While it was not everyday, the skies of winter were especially depressing. I longed for Texan blue skies. However, since being in Texas, I often find myself longing for the view of Korean mountains. I loved how in Korea you could see mountains in almost every direction. They may not be as large and intimidating as in other countries, but the mountains are everywhere. Unless you happen to be completely surrounded by buildings (even then, all you have to do is change your vantage point and go to a top floor), you can see the mountains lining the horizon.


Korean suburb nestled in mountains

It is weird how a view can say so much and so little.

What is your view from your work window like, readers?



  1. I love the view of the mountains, this is why every now and than I escape to see my aunt up in the hills. They are similar to the one we showed you where we stopped took fotos, there was also the large lake on the far left. As far as the gray wintery skies, yes Germany was like that, depressing and the smell of the mills in the morning. Brings me back to that place and time. One thing I loved about Germany and miss are the small fest. Love their colorful customes. Family gathering and just hanging around. Plus it was nice to go see a castle. Sad we didn´t have these camaras like we have now. Back then they were expensive. Would of been nice e to have those memories. Well, at least you are the type of person that appreciates nature. lots of people just bitch and complaint about their surroundings. Ok, keep those thoughts rolling.. till next time.. huggs across the miles.

    1. I still have a picture or two from Germany. I am actually going to take a vacation there sometime in the Fall (2016).

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