PAX South 2015

With only a few weeks before PAX South 2015 began, my friend and I decided that we wanted to go on a road trip and check it out.  I got a few more friends to jump on board. Unfortunately, we were a bit late in making our decision, so we only got tickets for the last day (Sunday). While that was less than optimal, it was an excuse for a 4-5 hour roadtrip.

We left on Saturday (1/24) to tour a bit around downtown San Antonio. While it wasn’t that unique of an experience for me (since I spent all of my teenage years there), it was a new experience for some of the others.

2015-01-25 12.46.39

A trip to San Antonio is incomplete without seeing the Alamo

After the four of us crashed at a hotel, we got up bright and early Sunday morning. We had limited time since we wanted to head back at a decent hour, which meant that we didn’t even get to stay a full day at the convention. After a short while of wandering around as a group, we divided up and toured around doing our own thing. I joined in at a table and, in exchange for ‘free’ marketing, I got a key to download a new game which I discovered was a $60 value.  (My friend also took a picture but she opted for the free shirt. Her loss.)

2015-01-25 10.40.14

A trip to San Antonio is incomplete without seeing the Alamo

I got to meet up with a friend that I had not seen in YEARS.  My friends and I bought a few board games among other things. Did I mention what a money pit this place could be? There were game demos (released and soon to be released), general merchandise, anime memorabilia, gaming accessories (graphics cards, headsets, etc)…I can’t even remember it all. I bet there were even better things the first two days, though. Sunday didn’t have near enough workshops that I was interested in attending, so I stayed on the main floor and wandered around the booths and the tables.


2015-01-25 14.41.06

I regret not buying this Teemo hat. 😦

I entered a few raffles (and lost). While I was growing tired of being on my feet and being bombarded with people EVERYWHERE, I enjoyed it. I would definitely like to go to another gaming convention in the future.   Oh yeah, before we exited this building, I stopped this lady in the amazing cosplay.

2015-01-25 14.10.42

A little too happy for being held at ‘knife’ point ^_^



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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Pretty cool, that must been an experience in itself.. have never been to those.. only one I recall was a gun show.. lol. glad you having fun…

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