I don’t remember when I began to like ladybugs, but they are–by far–my favorite insect.

In writing that statement, I’m wondering if I first began to like them because of the old movie, Ladybugs. I loved playing soccer and I loved the movie. Rodney Dangerfield is hilarious and everyone loves a cross-dressing teenager, right?  hahaha.  I think I developed my first celebrity ‘crush’ after watching it.  Honestly, Jonathan Brandis (may he rest in peace) was not a bad looking teenager circa 1992.

Back to the insect. I was saying that ladybugs my favorite bugs. They don’t bite, and they are such a vibrant and beautiful color. They are not associated with feces, trash, or other disgusting places many other bugs inhabit. Depending on the breed, they are beneficial to some farmers because they eat crops’ pests.  In other words, ladybugs are pretty awesome!

When I was working part-time at an elementary school’s after school program, a lady bug decided to grace me with its presence.


It stayed on my sleeve for several minutes amidst the chaos of the outdoor playground filled with screaming 5-8 year old children. The peace of having it land on me was truly magical. I love nature and it was a reminder that while I may be surrounded by a noisy world filled with people and technology, nature will always be there. Not only will nature be there, but it actually wants to be a part of my life. I just need to take the time to pay attention and enjoy it.

Anyone else ever have an experience like that?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Maybe, when you were a toddler your mom introduce them to you. she found one on you, and than the rest was history. You would look for them everytime you went outside and you always let them craw on your fingers. Your mom also bought lady bug type of dress. So i believe that is where it came from.

    1. If it started like that, it would be awesome. I knew I started liking them from a young age but didn’t realize it started so young! I looked up ladybugs and they’ve been considered ‘lucky’ by different cultures over time. I see them so rarely, that I would consider them lucky, too.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    letting you know that I love lady bugs. I have had a lady bug pin attached to my kitchen curtains
    like forever every since my girls were little and still have the same pin attached to my kitchen
    curtains. God blessed us with a beautiful wonder of nature.

    1. That is awesome. It sounds like it could be a fun game for little girls to discover and rediscover the pin.

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