ICE! Gaylord Texan

In December (2013), I joined a new friend to see an ice sculpture show in Grapevine, Texas. To be honest, I had fairly low expectations. While Dallas may have some cold winters, it’s a far cry from ice, snow, and blizzards. My friend was quick to inform me that the ice show would be inside…but that only confused me further.  Either way, I was happy for an excuse to get out of the house.

So we get to this giant convention center area, but I am baffled by the outside, where I see a lot of people wandering about and no ice sculptures. However, there was an obvious Christmas theme.


Entrance to Gaylord Texan

I still was unsure about what was happening and thought my friend had perhaps tricked me into some kind of convention thing where they talk about ice or have some fake ice (i.e. cotton balls to pretend you’re somewhere in winter). My friend tried to assure me this wasn’t the actual show and we had to go inside. I thought I was going to be immediately greeted with ‘ice’ but, instead, I got Disney.


Meet ‘n Greet with Toothless, Kung Fu Panda, and Shrek

So, little kids were taking pictures with some Disney characters and there were some white slides set up where kids were sliding down. I remained unconvinced about the ice sculptures until we got in a long line. Employees were issuing heavy jackets and gloves for everyone to put on.

2013 ice

Doesn’t everyone look warm?

Before we started sweating too heavily in the over-sized and heavy jackets, we were thrust into a room–full of ice sculptures. I was expecting clear ice sculptures, but they were very colorful. The room was more than one, and there were many themes: The Nutcracker, the Nativity Scene, NYC, etc. As a group, we walked, took pictures, and chatted about the different sculptures we saw. There was no tour guide, so you could go at your own pace.  Here were a few of my favorites:


Some people were acting like they were very cold. I guess I attuned a bit to Korean winters because I thought the jackets were more than sufficient. While I wasn’t as warm as I could be on the beach on a hot summer day, I was comfortable.  Comfortable enough that I jumped on the opportunity to go down the ice slide!


Ice Slide

While it wasn’t exactly a high-speed race down the slide, I can now officially say that I’ve gone down a slide made out of ice.

Has anyone else been to this ice show or one similar?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I have seen some ice sculptures but never been to shows so elabrate like the one you attended. Now in Germany you all were small we went to a place where they sculptured figures made of glass. I still pictures those folks blowing through these straws with their torches in hand sculturing the figurines. That was cool just wonder where the fotos are. In Germany we went to a lot of fest wish back than we had these USB camaras… Glad you experienced something different..

    1. The renaissance festivals have glass blowers too. I’ve seen a few of them. I don’t know if I took any pictures. I should write about those soon!

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