Busy Working

Since I have been back in the States, I have sat in front of my computer numerous times to write a blog and then found myself stumped as to what to write about. Sure, I have had a lot of things happening in my life that might sound interesting but they are not all exactly ‘blog worthy’ material. I could also scour through my old photographs from Korea, reminisce, and write some very interesting stories. I could do many things to get past my writer’s block, but the point is that I have not made it a priority. So…what has been a priority?

This month, I picked up a job as a ‘wellness coach.’ It is a part-time gig where I help people out at the gym floor, give tours, and clean the equipment. (Hooray for landing a job with my personal training certification!) It is not a bad job, it is easy money, but it does not pay very much. I worked a consistent 20 hours/week there. I have also been working at a bookstore for over 6 months and beginning around the same time, they scheduled me 25-32 hours/week. Yes, you read that correctly. I was working 40-52 hours/week between those two jobs. THEN starting in the middle of August, my third job at the school as a substitute for the after school program started up. I would work 3-6 hours/week. The shifts were never back to back and they were split during the day. For example: In the mornings I either worked 8am-noon or 8am-3pm.  In the afternoon, I could work 3pm-6pm, 4pm-8pm, or 4pm-11pm. Mix and match those hours and that was my schedule! Busy busy.

Let’s just say that working 1-2 jobs 7 days/week is exhausting! On top of that, I have to walk my dog and give her potty breaks. Anyway, obviously work has been a priority and a huge time sucker because I’m not even including the commute time on those hours. My friend even commented that I was probably the only person he has ever had to schedule a lunch with over a week in advance. >.<

Things will hopefully calm down soon. In the mean time, enjoy this new(ish) picture of my dog. ^_^

She loves squirrels. hehe

She loves squirrels. hehe



  1. Glad to see you writing, again. God bless!

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    That is a lot of work hours, lots of juggling. I suggest writing about difference between Dallas and San Antonio what is good vs bad.

    1. good idea but also sounds like it could bore a LOT of people. haha

  3. […] in mind, at the time this conversation was going down, I was working not one, not two, but THREE(!) jobs. I was thinking to myself–I don’t even have coursework that relates to technical […]

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