Personal Trainer Exam

So, about five weeks ago, I called to make an appointment to schedule my exam to become a personal trainer. The exam is multiple choice and on the computer. I had to take it and pass it before 11th in order for my externship to begin smoothly. I wanted a location near me, and luckily, there was an opening on Monday, the 9th at a small airport only 5 miles away. I immediately scheduled it and requested off work to make sure that I wouldn’t have anything else to think about except for the exam that day.

Well, the Friday before the exam, I find a voicemail on my phone saying that the testing center will be closed that Monday so my exam is cancelled. What!? I had to call them and figure out what to do.

“I need to take the exam before the 11th, do they have an opening?”

“The soonest one is the 22nd.”

“That’s too late. How about another location?”

“Well, in your city, they have one available the 19th.”

“I need to take the exam before the 11th.”

“Well, if I look a little further out, there’s an opening in R— on the 9th.”

“Where? Is that even close to my zip code?”

“It says it’s the closest to you in the system.”

“Give me the address please.”

–He gives it to me, and I look up the directions online. It’s a little more than 30 miles away from me. I reluctantly accept because I NEED to take the test even if it’s more than two hours out of my way, round trip.–

“Okay, what time do they have an opening?”

“Monday, the 9th at 9 or 11 am.”

“I’ll take the one at 11 am.”

On the day of the exam, I anticipated at least double the drive time (in case of an accident, inclement weather, or traffic). I’m glad I allowed some extra time because it was out in the middle of nowhere and the sign for the road I needed to turn was nonexistent–meaning I passed by it three times before I called and was told “When you see a barn with a field, there will be a public road on the right, right next to it. You need to turn there.”

I sat in my car and did some last-minute studying before I went in to take my exam. I checked in about 40 minutes before I was supposed to start, but that wasn’t a problem. In about an hour, I had finished the exam. Pass/fail results are immediate since the exam is computer-based.


I passed!

I passed!

Unfortunately, I came out of the exam to find out my car battery had died…but that’s another story.

I start my personal trainer externship tomorrow!




  1. Damian Perez · · Reply

    Congrates you did it.  For starters I use to do what you did tried leaving a little early to find direction, well my advice go recon the place a day prior. This way you know exactly where to go. We use to do this in the military, so far never arrived late.  Other than this same old stuff..

  2. Hey Dear congrats on passing your exam so proud of you. Also, good luck with your car. You are suppose to be prepared for the unexpected but sometimes that’s impossible. Again so glad you passed .

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