Licking Hands

One of my part-time jobs is to watch kids in an after-school program. While I am primarily responsible for second graders, the outdoor recess time includes kindergarteners and first graders. I usually stand or sit and monitor them. Needless to say, it’s a fairly easy job and I typically enjoy it.

Not too long ago, I was sitting outside when I noticed a small group of kindergarteners. There were two girls and one boy. The boy is absolutely adorable with a lisp which makes him all the cuter. The girls, on the other hand, are not as cute. These two girls are what I would put in the category of “frenemies.” They love each other and want to play together but other times they do/say hurtful things to one another, tattle on each other, and exclude the other from games. They already have drama and I have an ‘idea’ of the teenagers that they could easily become.

Anyway, these two girls were having a good day of playing together and had included the boy in their games. At first they had made up some type of a game where the boy was like a robot and the girls controlled him/made him do things (like go find something, sit down, lay down, etc.). He was getting bored of his role and was resorting to just laying down in the courtyard waiting for them to tell him to do something interesting. I, too, lost interest in their game.

Not too long later, I noticed the bossier of the two girls putting her hand in front of the boy’s face. At first, I thought she was lying trying to hold his mouth closed and prevent him from talking but I noticed her hand wasn’t that close to his face. Then she put her hand to the other girl’s face. On closer inspection, I realized that she was making them LICK her hand.

“Hey, that’s gross. Stop licking her hand.”

She giggled, “But it feels weird.” She stuck her hand back in front of the boy, who licked it again. She moved her hand in front of the girl’s face.

“Seriously, stop it. Lick your own hand.”

The quieter girl licked her hand but didn’t seem too impressed and the bossy girl was trying to get the boy to lick her hand again. He just grinned, finding the whole thing amusing.

Even though I had probably made the game seem all the more interesting, I tried to put on my best scolding voice while trying not to laugh at their lunacy, “Just go play something else.”

They didn’t really want to give up their game. Luckily, recess ended and the hand licking stopped.

Cool pic of hands that lick (click for source)

Cool pic of hands that lick (click for source)




  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Very imaginative, rember the one in which you draw tow eyes on the side of your hand and use the thumb to move up and down pretend the hand is talking, pretty sure they would get a kick out of that. Nice story

  2. Dude! That is SO gross!! I just made sure to tell my kid she is not allowed to lick or have someone else lick her hands. Ew…imagine all the germs!!!

    1. haha! Right!? Sometimes it’s so baffling what goes through a 5 year old’s mind

      1. a LOT but too much to write about and not enough time to do so. 😦

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