As Teacher and Student

My life has been fairly hectic and busy lately. My major roles have been a teacher (anywhere between 10 hours to 25 hours per week) and as a student (a minimum of 20 hours per week). On top of this, I walk my dog for about 60-120 minutes per day (7-14 hours per week). Needless to say, this blog has not seen much activity from me. For this, I apologize. I plan on adding more stories about my life in Korea and, of course, my new life in Texas.

Anyway, since the beginning of this year, I have completed two literature classes: one in Mystery Fiction and the other in Shakespeare. I realized that I am still not a huge fan of Shakespeare but that I can read him without falling asleep. As for mystery fiction, I enjoy reading the genre as novels but I am not keen on trying to figure out the mystery myself. I like to watch it unfold and feel ‘surprised’ at the end. I think I enjoy ‘cozies’–I could definitely read more books by Agatha Christie.

I am at the tail end of one class, Writing the Feature Article. Honestly, I somewhat regret this class. It comes two-fold. I enjoy learning about what it takes to get publishes in magazines and newspapers, but I do not think I would want to write for a newspaper. I am unsure. I just know that I do not enjoy this particular article I am writing. I have less than one month to finish up the final touches of my article and to write a ‘query letter’ to a potential newspaper for publication. Anyway, it’s a great class to get introduced to freelance writing, so I am actually glad that I’m taking it.

I am in the middle of two classes: writing non-fiction and writing fiction. I like these classes but they are more intensive than the introductory classes I took of them last year. I am not sure which genre I like writing more.

I enjoy being a student and taking the time to learn more about writing but boy is it time consuming! It is why I have not done any real job hunting for full-time employment. Starting at the end of March/beginning of April, my classes will be ending and that is when I will get serious about looking for a job. So, in other words, I plan on staying here in Texas for another year as I figure out where I will head next.

It really is big...You can drive for 12 hours (in a relatively straight line) and STILL be in Texas

Texas really is big…You can drive for 12 hours (in a relatively straight line) and STILL be in the same state



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I know writing is not easy, as a matter of fact, I completed one story that I will try to get it published in this small bookletor pamphlet is called mitos y legendas, Myth and Legends. I don´t want any money. Personal goal to see my name in something publish, i don´t want any money either, just want folks to enjoy my little short scary story. I wrote it in spanish. trust me my spanish sucks.. but i shall give it a try. back to you, keep writing.. i love fiction, true stuff is

  2. Ella Smith · · Reply

    Hey Jaclyna I did get into your blog by clicking on your pic. Thanks for the help.

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