Boredom with my webcam

A random post for you guys…I have been wondering how old I look. Then I looked at some pictures I had taken of myself last summer in Korea…

2 image201306250004

And I’m like…wow! I look young. haha. So I decided to see how I look now in my bedroom…with the same computer/camera but a little crappy table light instead of an overhead light for my room…

picture005 picture011

I realize that I don’t have a clue as to how old I look and it probably doesn’t matter, eh? If I were to guess my age, I’d probably guess younger than what I am…meh. I also can see that I’m pretty awful at taking self portraits. As for the pig-tail braids…that’s just because I was bored. hahaha. I don’t wear my hair out in public like that.

A short post as I contemplate how old I look. I also wish my skin was as clear as my camera makes it out to be. >.<


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    We were curse with the youth gene.. 🙂 that is a good thing. ha. nothing new here

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