Cooking Adventure #8: Quinoa as Dessert

When I was in Korea, I got my hands on some quinoa. Quinoa is a great source of plant protein from South America and many health gurus swear by it. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to test it out.

One of the unique ways I saw it being used was as a type of ‘pudding.’ I am going to use that term loosely because it did not even remotely resemble pudding. It was supposed to be relatively sweet with apple juice and nutmeg powder for ingredients. Anyway, I tried it and this is what it came out looking like:

It doesn't look too awful, right?

It doesn’t look too awful, right?

Well, it looked okay but the taste was weird and it certainly did not give me a ‘dessert’ vibe. I forced myself to finish eating the bowl because it was ‘healthy.’ Needless to say, it’s not a recipe I saved for later.

Since eating quinoa, I have learned more about its origins. It’s actually quite sad how the farmers are being exploited. They get very little money for the quinoa they produce even though it is sold for a rather high price in the USA. On top of that, farmers are forcing their land to meet the demands for quinoa which is causing a rapid depletion of the land’s nutrients. While I recognize the ‘super food’ qualities of quinoa, its origins do not sit well with me and I doubt that I will purchase any more until conditions improve.


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  1. I see you tried a bunch of recipes for eastern dishes, What happened to the recipe I showed you for rice cooker cheesecake? 😛

    1. It’ll come up in a later post of my cooking adventures. Don’t you worry. 😉

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