New Job(s)!

How has everyone been!? Things have been a bit hectic here.  If you have not done the math, I have been in the states for about two and a half months (already!). About a month ago, I applied for a part-time job with an after-school program (Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm). Unfortunately, the position had already been filled. *Cue sad face* 😦

Luckily, the woman in charge of interviews/hires was highly impressed with my resume. So impressed, in fact, that she decided to hire me on as a substitute. After subbing a few days, she passed on my resume with flying recommendations to the Assistant Principal for me to become a substitute for the regular school day. Once he (the assistant principal) wasn’t busy, he hired me as a substitute but warned me that there were already quite a few substitute teachers and that I probably would not be working too much until after the holidays. If I get called, I will either be a substitute for a teacher (7:30-3:3o) or for a teacher’s aide (7:30-12:30). This suits me just fine! I am actually taking online classes right now so I like having time to do homework. Plus, if I get the aide position, I can pick up a shift with the after-school program (if I’m needed).

The assistant principal’s initial assumption soon changed though! A long-term substitute is needed for a kindergarten class from mid-November until Christmas Break. The teacher is out for a surgery (and recovery); the aide is going to step up as the teacher and she needs an aide. Apparently I had impressed the socks off the assistant principal during the interview because he called me up and asked me if I would be willing to take this position. (I get the feeling I was first choice out of all the other substitutes available and they had thought about hiring outside of the school but they decided my credentials would fit the bill.) The position is the aide position and it allows me to keep the other after school subbing job.

After a week of doing the job as the aide, the teacher (previous aide) was also impressed with me and she requested that I work the FULL shift (7:30-3:30). I accepted, but man have I been busy! Only a week and a half left though! Then I will be back to waiting for phone calls to find out if I can work for the day.  And here I was thinking I was going to get a break from teaching…haha!

Did I mention that this is the first time I have really worked with kindergarteners???  oy….


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  1. Oooh! It’s amazing how things end up working out, isn’t it?! I’m super psyched for you! Maybe this will help you figure out what direction to take things in. I know you’ve been debating about that a lot lately. 😀

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