Disappointing Americans/Reverse Culture…shock?

So, I walk my dog on the streets. It seems universal (at least in Korea and USA) that random people like to make barking noises at my dog. I don’t understand it, but whatever.

I never heard any cat calls or anything like that from Koreans or even strangers yelling things at me from their cars. In USA, I’ve had a few people whistle but not much else. Today, however, I clearly heard something yelled at me (seeing as how there was just one car passing and I was the only person on the street). So what lovely words did I hear?

yelling“SUCK DICK!!”

um…thanks?  I’ll put that on my to-do list.

There was quite a lot of anger/hate in words that I think should be words of encouragement. After all, it was definitely a guy who uttered it, and I have met very few guys who would try to dissuade a girl from said actions.

So, thank you, Mr. American male for reminding of the open vulgarity that exists in American culture.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    over hear, there is a lot of road rage… they shoot you..

    1. sure, road rage…but that’s usually car to car…not car to pedestrian

  2. Barney the Corgi · · Reply

    Very strange.. In Belgium where I am originally from the worst that has happened is basically some kids whistling at me. But here in the USA I have had some pretty weird experiences like being approached at the mall by complete strangers in pretty respectfulness ways. It’s strange. The other day a young teenager, I wouldn’t have guessed him older than 15 walked past me and started “hitting on me”. ???? I am I 27 and really don’t think I look like a teenager!
    In China I have found people to be respectful when approaching me. Incidents like that have never happened there.

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