Wagging Tail Dog Park

First of all, Sue Jung (my dog) has always loved dogs. She’s enjoyed being around dogs much more than being around people. Once I came to back to USA, I knew I wanted to get her to a dog park. My mom had no idea if there was one near by. I ended up bumping into a random people walking their dogs and more than a few of them mentioned that there were two dog parks near my home, but not close enough to walk to. I had to wait until my mom volunteered to drive us out to one and she finally did!

I thought Sue was going to have a crazy good time meeting all the new dogs. Instead, she was kind of shy. She hung back and watched the other dogs play. She did meet a few dogs, but she was a bit resistant to their good intentions…

How dare you kiss me!?

You dare to kiss me!?

She was one exhausted pup after going there, though. It was AWESOME. She is so high energy that I love having a tired doggy at home. I have managed to get her out there one more time but I didn’t take any pictures. She was too busy running around, chasing and being chased by other dogs! She’s figured out what to do at a dog park, and I have at least one day when I don’t have to tire myself out walking her. 😀



  1. Barney the Corgi · · Reply

    I see she has had a good experience then going to the park, because she made a few friends. Would you mind sharing your experience on my blog “http://bernhardtvoncorghenthal.wordpress.com/”?

    Nice dog by the way, she looks like a Jindo, am I correct? The slimmer more elegant Korean cousins of the Japanese Akita’s ;).

    1. Yes. She’s from Korea. She’s a Jindo. You’re one of the very few to recognize one! 🙂

      1. Barney the Corgi · · Reply

        For a while I was interested in getting an Akita or a Shiba and then later I discovered there was also the Korean Jindo. Who knows maybe one day I will have one ;).

  2. I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out more

    1. There are plenty of dog parks in the USA. I recommend doing an internet search with ‘dog park’ and the city you live in (or the closest one to you).

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