Korean Chivalry…#1

I’m not sure if I’ll make a mini-series of this or not, but it was something I was thinking about and that I have noticed since being back in the United States. There are certain things that Korean men do to show respect/care for their women (dating/married). The things that I have noticed, I haven’t seen in the United States or haven’t heard of any American man actively thinking of these things. This is just the first thing that stood out to me when I went on dates/walking with my ex. I’ll give you some time to guess: what can you notice in this picture?

Korean couple walking

Korean couple walking

Perhaps you’re looking at the picture and wondering what it is that I’m trying to point out. If you’re thinking–hey they’re walking! I guess that’s something. 🙂 I have definitely noticed the lack of pedestrians on the streets in USA. If you think it’s her awkward arms–that’s awkward even in Korea. Figured it out? It’s where they are in relation to the traffic.

Korean ‘gentleman’ try to be aware of where the cars are on the street and where their date is, so that they can stand between the moving traffic and their date. Should a crazy driver veer too far, the car/motorcycle would hit HIM and not HER. This is especially important on the hundreds of Korean roads without sidewalks. I can remember countless times when I was walking and completely unconcerned about the traffic…until I’d feel a firm tug on my arm/hand. They would switch places with me by actively pulling me into position so that I would be closest to the buildings (or-in the rare event-grass), and they would be near the traffic.

Any other girls out there experience this? (I did go on a few dates without this happening.)  Any other guys do this or going to start doing it (*wink*)?



  1. I’ve always done this too, whether walking with a girlfriend, child, or dog, on a road with no sidewalk. I don’t think it’s just a Korean thing.

    1. Wow! You’re a rare one. haha. In all my years of dating in USA, I had never experienced it until Korea.

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