Before I left Korea, I got to meet the girl who replaced me at my school. I will say that’s definitely one of the benefits to staying an extra month after the contract is over: it’s a way to meet the person who replaces you. Of course you could end up meeting a complete dud. Lucky for me, my replacement is a super cool girl and my school is lucky to have her…she’s still fresh and not as jaded as I was. ^^

Anyway, I was showing her around town and we stopped at her apartment. We were organizing some of her things when she pulled out a giant tub full of nail polish bottles. Turns out she used to give manicures/pedicures back in the States.  I started looking at all the different colors that were in there and she offered to paint my nails.  …Say what!?

To be perfectly honestly, I told her no. The reason is because I paint my nails maybe once very two years. The most maintenance I do is clip them down super short whenever I notice they are getting long. As a matter of fact, I did not even own any nail polish remover in my apartment! I’ve also only had my nails professionally painted once in my life and it was a gift from my mom–not on my own choosing. But…moving on. She persisted on her offer so I caved in.

I wasn’t sure what color to choose so she helped me sort through them until we agreed on something. Ultimately she helped me choose a very deep purple. In Korea, people typically paint the ‘pinky’ nail a different color. I had been eyeing a green polish, so she did that as my ‘accent’. She also added sparkles.

IMG_3099 IMG_3101

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! Unfortunately, because I was in the middle of cleaning and packing, the polish was chipped off something awful by the time I came to the United States and bought some nail polish remover. I kind of wish she lived closer so she could do them again! Too bad I’m in the States and she has another 10 months in Korea. ㅠㅠ



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    pretty cool, story, i only had my nails trimmed by a profesional, she happened to be my apartment renter. She was a foot doctor, we had a good friend relationship, i am pretty sure she is dead by now.. that was when i was in my 20’s

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