Last Day of Work in Korea

Most middle schools and high schools (and even elementary schools) started classes this week. Not my school. This week was the last week of English camp. I worked with a small group of third graders these last five days for three hours each day. I gave my co-teachers each a goodbye gift and a postcard from my home town. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Sadly, I didn’t get anything from them. I guess I wasn’t expecting to, though. I have been asked to come in Monday to say goodbye to the Principal and Vice Principal. Perhaps I will get something then…but I’m not banking on it. It’s better to just leave with my pictures and my memories: they take up much less space and I don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of it later on in life.

It still doesn’t feel real that this is my last day. To be honest, the end of the school years in America felt the same way. Even back in the states, when I was on ‘summer vacation,’ I still felt like I would be right in the classroom the next day. It would take almost the whole summer to shake the feeling and then BAM-new semester. lol.  Anyway, this really is my last day of work. In fact, I will leave my desk in 10 minutes. Sunday, my work contract officially ends but I will not be working Saturday or Sunday. I don’t have a job lined up after this either. I will stay in Korea another three weeks before I head to USA.

So while most EPIK teachers have been rushing around the last week and getting everything packed to leave their apartments by the 25th, I have not.  Sure, I have listed some of my possessions for sale online and packed a few things, but my apartment looks very much occupied.  I will meet a few people this weekend to trade my items for cash, but I still have a lot to get rid of. I’m really hoping everything I list online will sell; if not, I’ll either donate it or ship it to myself. I will have to decide before I leave.

Anyway, it’s time to go….for now.

Goodbye my school for the last year...

Goodbye my school for the last year…



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Wow I know the feeling of going and starting all over again. The way I feel where the school I am at. actually need to talk to the Twins father to see where the school, that i suppose to be working at is located. And see if it feels ok. The house at penonome still waiting on reply as to when it will be ready. time is flying so much to do. this week are my trimester exam. so busy at least the two test are completed. The only think I can advice take fotos.. be a while before you ever if ever head back to Korea. Was once was, is not, time to open a new chapter.. luv u

  2. Hah! Small world… my family and I are in Korea, as well. Looks like you’ll be leaving soon. So, “may God bless you and keep you; may God’s face shine upon you and give you peace.”

    I will continue to pray for your friend to keep the child and that her parents will support that decision.

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