The Office: US Version

About two months ago, I was flipping through Korean tv channels because, truth be told, I was getting bored of the crime shows and they were not airing as often as they had been. That’s when I stumbled upon the US Version of The Office. I had tried to watch an episode once a few years ago, but I didn’t get into it. However, with mini-marathons on air here, I left it on the channel playing in the background and half-watched it while I did homework. Some of the shows were pretty amusing and it slowly grabbed my attention.

I got so pulled into it that I decided I needed to watch the entire series: starting with Season 1, Episode 1.

The-Office-the-office-30915247-1280-1024For the first couple of seasons, I really didn’t care for the boss, and main character, Michael Scott (portrayed by Steve Carell). (Truth be told, I’ve never really been a fan of Steve Carell so he was the biggest turn off to the whole show.)  I started to enjoy other cast members and the humor they contribute.

It’s weird how I watched 9 seasons without pause and to then realize that ten years had passed from season one to season nine. Many of the core characters stayed from the beginning to the end, while a few dropped out during season 8 and some new characters were added in throughout the years. It was kind of weird realizing how some of them aged because I didn’t realize it WHILE I was watching but by the finale/reunion I really noticed how fast some of the aged (more than others). I am rambling…just look at how big the cast grew!

theoffice_051613_1600Anyway, I finished the entire show and its final episode last night. It was sad to say goodbye. Is that weird? Perhaps I will watch the UK version next.

By the way, I watched all the episodes via Project Free TV.    It has a LOT of adds and pop-ups and sometimes it slowly loads, but it’s free! There are other TV shows and movies to stream from there as well, so I’ll probably be using it in the future.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    i watched a few shows, did not catch on with me, and yes.. i don’t like that actor either. steve carell, same as will ferrell.. something about the way they come across.. not natural.. they seem to try too hard.. ha..

    1. Me too! I do not like Will Ferrell. Speaking of him, he came on the show for about three episodes…gosh I was glad that it was only temporary.

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