Sushi Teacher Dinner

I was going through my pictures and I came across these blurry beauties. haha. My school dinners’ at my previous school were quite frequent. Because I was invited to most/all of them so I was, therefore, obligated to attend. At my previous school, almost all the faculty and staff were big drinkers and I wasn’t really allowed to resist. Dinners, for the high schools, generally start around 6pm and last until at least 11pm. There were also quite a few faculty lunches. (Lunches, luckily, last only about 45 minutes and not as much alcohol is ordered–but it is still there.) For these off-campus meals (whether or not I was able to attend), I paid about $20/month.

On this particular night, it was my first and only time in the three years of working at public schools, that I was treated to sushi. I had no idea what it entailed.  So, I showed up and sat down at my table across from one of my coworkers. We each had this place set for us: a big glass for your beer, a shot glass for the soju, a small salad, a yummy chowder, a dipping sauce (bean curd and green onion) for later, and two other little dishes for other sauces at the table (a brown sauce (in which you are encouraged to add wasabi sauce) and a red spicy red bean paste for later:

Soup and salad

So the two glasses on the table: a ‘beer’ glass and a shot glass. Luckily, I was sitting at a ‘ladies’ table and my coworker NEVER drinks. So I was also able to skip out on all on the alcohol being passed around. Instead, I put water in my shot glass (since they usually take shots of soju which is clear) and soda in the beer glass.  Most of the teachers drank throughout the night. Then came the shared appetizers: various types of raw fish…the wraps were strange and they’re drenched in a honey mustard


Good Lord that’s a lot of food!  So there’s the ‘nude’ kimbap rolls where vegetables and fish are rolled in rice. On the same platter are the ‘sushi’ with shrimp on type of rice. There was some kind of gray fish on the top left corner. More raw fish on the table closest to me. An assortment of random things in the middle. The yellow and red dressing were spring-roll type things with vegetables and fish inside. Then was something else to try that looked pink. Most of that was pretty good, and four of us shared all of that food. I didn’t enjoy too much of that food; there was some type of leaf that sat wrong on my tongue. So I focused on this:


It was a very spicy fish soup and, surprisingly, a little bit sweet. I’m not sure what the fish is drenched in the yellow-orange dressing but I remember that I didn’t like it. Normally, at a barbecue restaurant, soup is served near the end. So I thought dinner was almost over and I was a tad disappointed. Then the servers came back around after  we finished up the sushi, they brought some more:


I have to say that this was probably the best of the cold raw fish that came out. All of the teachers enjoyed it. In the back right-hand corner of the picture, you can see the sauces. Everybody made their own sauces. The first was a soy sauce mixed with wasabi (you could add as little or as much as you wanted) as well as a slightly tangy red sauce. They also brought out some deep-fried fish. I didn’t take a picture and I didn’t eat any of it. I was FULL.  The food wasn’t finished though…


These babies came out on a tray, like test tubes. ^^ I wasn’t too sure of what it was but it was small and I figured I could eat it without a problem. So in a seaweed square, there was a little bit of rice. On top of the rice were fish eggs and some little leaf thing. It wasn’t bad and I could eat it in one bite (once I folded down the top of the triangle).   As if all this food wasn’t enough…


They brought the last thing on the table: spicy bean sprouts with fish mixed in. It was very delicious and I tried to take a few bites to be polite. However, all this food was served with a bowl of rice (per person) and  I felt like I had a bowling ball inside my tummy by the time I left the restaurant. My coworker and I were able to sneak out earlier than the rest, which was great. I definitely didn’t have any more room to politely eat anything else and was getting pretty bored with the lack of conversation. Anyone else there been to an elaborate teacher dinner?




  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    it has it´s own look, style, pretty cool looking, hope it tasted good.. lol

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    True, has its own look, wonder how it really tasted…lol

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