Rough Draft of a Poem

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Negombo, Sri Lanka


Negombo-an exotic name

Yet an unremarkable Sri Lankan city.

The irony–

A faint smile touches her lips.


He mistakes her interest,

His smile brightens,

His chatter more enthusiastic,

His joy palpable.


But her eyes stray

And rest on the sunset-

A fiery red orange ball

Slowly sinking into the ocean.


He remains oblivious,

Prattling on and on,

Leisurely sipping his Lion Stout,

Love sparkling in his eyes.


She, engrossed in her thoughts,

fails to notice his feelings

Blind to everything but the sunset,

Boredom glazing her eyes.


Their relationship-an exotic match.

But a boy is a boy

And a girl is a girl.

Even in Negombo.


**This is a rough draft for one of the assignments in my class. Feel free to comment or make  suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks. ^.^  (I had to put the slashes in because the blog auto-formats and erases my stanzas.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    To be honest, is cool, I never tried to write a poem. I guess this boy is in his own little world… guys think one way and gals another. Sorry can’t help you.

    1. I did it with a detached girl but I know the reversal (where it’s the girl who is in love but the boy doesn’t care) is also true. I was hoping it could be a poem that’s easy to relate to.

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