A reason to NOT answer your door in Korea

Americans, and I’m sure those from other countries, are used to solicitors and Jehova’s Witnesses knocking on doors to engage in a conversation. It’s pretty much unheard of in Korea. Soliciting does happen, but people just tape advertisements to your doors; they aren’t looking for a conversation. So, I was home one day (about a year ago?) and I heard a knock on my door. At the time, I thought nothing of it. So I opened my door.

There were two women standing at my door and their eyes widened in surprise to see a foreigner standing in front of them. I had no idea what they wanted, but there was no way I was going to let them come inside. They started speaking in broken English, and I tried to answer back. They pressed themselves towards my door opening and wanted me to wait a bit so they could show me something.

One of the woman turned on her smart phone and handed it to me. A video started playing…and things started getting weird.  I saw pictures of animals and English subtitles for the audio I could barely hear. It took me just a few seconds to realize that these were religious heretics at my door. The general gist of the video was that: “God is Mother.”  I tried to pass the phone back to them and tell them I had a religion, but they didn’t care. They pushed my hands and wanted me to finish the video.

It was still playing when I heard someone coming up the hallway stairs. I had never felt so relieved to see my friend. I could see “Who are these people!?” expression in her face and I tried to give her the “HELP ME” look. She pushed her way past the women. She spoke to them in Korean, and they took their phone back and handed me a brochure. We promptly closed the door in their faces and I told her how the woman knocked on my door a few minutes ago and how strange it was.

Apparently there are churches that are not really ‘churches’ but ploys to steal people’s money. In other words,  I think cults run rampant in Korea.

Her advice: Avoid the crazy people and don’t answer the door when someone knocks.



inside the brochure


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    yeah, they are all over… sad, but this government, the worse i have seen, the thing is, the facts evidence are there, yet they walk like nothing happened…

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