League of Legends First Fail

About two years ago, I found myself in a PC 방 (an internet cafe of sorts with computers you can play by the hour) with some Korean friends. They were all excited about this multi-player online game that they had been playing together. I got invited to join in on them, so I figured, why not. I have played a lot of games in my life and I was fairly confident that I wouldn’t make a HUGE full of myself–all I had to do was click, push some buttons, and kill things….easy.

Or not.

So the game I got introduced to was League of Legends. I ‘knew’ that everything would be in Korean but did not think it would be all that complicated. So, I chose a random character:


His name is Fiddlesticks. He came with good recommendations about being a bad ass character.  I learned what skills were (q,w,e,r keys) but I quickly forgot which one did which as I played the game. I also had no idea what items to buy and relied on my friends to point things out for me. Needless to say, I died. A lot. I literally could not stay alive if I met ANY other person from the opposite team. After a game (or two) with him, I decided to switch characters.  To this guy:


Obviously a rat is way more intimidating than a skeleton/scarecrow, right?  So this cool dude’s name is Twitch. My friends were skeptical of this guy because the game claimed that Twitch was  ‘difficult’ character to play, but I figured that I was on a losing streak so it didn’t really matter. We went through the same routine…in other words, I could barely remember what his skills were but I had fun pushing mouse and keyboard buttons. That said, I died a lot less frequently…and I wasn’t killed in seconds (unlike Fiddlesticks). I enjoyed playing, even if my friends didn’t really appreciate me on their team. hahahaha.

So that was quite a while ago, and I’ve improved since then…but more on that later. 😉



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Glad you found an entertaining game, they should have a version in English that allow you to team up with friends …so far i play MechWarrior on line. Initially the mechs were free.. Luckly I kept the biggest mech with me and my favorite. Bottom line I logged in, and found out that in order to own mechs now you have to pay for them. Hell no. But i did buy two classic mechs. still waiting for them to load them on to the game. This Sahdow Hawk mech was the one I use to play on the board game, so it brings back memories. the wow.. go to kiddish with the panda bear. so like my friends I left.

    1. Nice! Too bad about WoW. A lot of players from WoW play LoL because it’s free (to download and to play).

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