Korean Food: GGoch Galbi Sal

I’ve decided to do some food highlights in Korea. I love eating meat in Korea and the whole barbecue where you cook your meat however well done you prefer. Pork tends to be the most popular of the foods available at the barbecue restaurants but there are a wide variety of cuts and flavors. Ggoch Galbi Sal isn’t my favorite of the cuts, but it is great in its own right.

It’s hard to find an exact translation of what exactly 꽃갈비살 is, but it’s meat from around the ribs. Ggoch (꽃) literally means flower. GalbiSal (갈비살) means rib meat. I’m pretty sure I ate it from a pig but it can be cut from cows as well.

009 The meat is brought out raw, of course. The pieces, as you can see, are fairly small but not exactly bite-sized. The scissors are there to cut them into smaller pieces after they’ve been cooked for a while. Cutting it smaller is optional. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the scissors.


012It’s an unflavored meat. I’m not sure which sauce is usually recommended to eat with it, but I like the spicy bean paste (The red sauce used for garlic and the lettuce leafs which are to the right in the picture above.)  All Korean barbeques are accompanied with a variety of side dishes. The big lettuce leafs are there to eat plan with the red sauce. It’s mostly popular to place a piece of meat inside the leaf, add some sauce and whatever else from the table you want to add, and then eat.  I’ve eaten this a couple of times in Korea. This particular restaurant is in Gumi (구미)  in Indong (인동).


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    i bet is tasty… like that look of that dish.. i am am trying to learn how to cook the peruvian chicken cocktail.. like shrimp cocktail this one is made with chicken, taste awesome

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