Gyungbo Fossil Museum

On one of my adventures, I was able to explore an interesting building that turned out to be a fossil museum: the Gyungbo Fossil Museum in Yeongduk.  (In Korean, it’s the 경보화석박물관 in 경상북도 영덕군.)  They also have a website and there is an English option; just a warning, but you’ll probably want to open it in Internet Explorer. Each ticket was 4,000 won.  Even though most of the signs were in Korean (and even a few missing signs), countries and sometimes scientific terms were in English.  One of the most interesting pictures was a map of Korea. Each color represents a different era. The location indicates where they found the oldest fossils.

It does show a 'unified' Korea

It does show a ‘unified’ Korea

There were some really cool looking fossils though. I’m not really a huge fan of rocks, but ‘pretty’ ones stand out to me. Fossils also look pretty cool. Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience but I probably wouldn’t go again. The place was basiclaly empty, so it felt really awkward to speak above a whisper.  Here are some of the rocks that stood out to me:


Lastly, I checked out the shop which was filled with over-priced things: some interesting rock formations others were hand-made sculptures (wood and rock).

For example, some religious symbols painted on unique stones…These were selling from about USD $100~200.

And…for some reason…statues of sexual organs….same room….I’ll spare you some of the MONSTER statues…and instead, you can look at these…or not…totally your choice.  (I’ll provide extra spaces so you have a chance to click off this page if you don’t want to see it.)  There are also more pictures of the rocks and fossils and sculptures (including phallic ones) on my flickr page here.










Note the size...



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