Happy Birthday Sue Jung!

Do you remember this absolutely adorable puppy!??

Sue on my lap on the ride home. (She weighed about 4kg--10 lbs)

Sue on my lap on the ride home June 1. (She weighed about 3kg/7 lbs)

Well her birthday was April 1st!  She turned one year old, and boy did she grow quickly!!

2.5 months old

3 weeks later (almost 3 months old): about 6kg/13lbs

8 months old

6 months old about 12kg/25lbs

9 months old

9 months old (after her spay with her favorite stuffed animal) about 17kg/40lbs

I didn’t actually take a picture of her on her birthday, but this is just a few days later…


April 3rd, 19kg/45 lbs

I guess I’m kind of lame because I didn’t throw her a special party or anything for her birthday. She may be a good-sized dog but she’s still very much a puppy. She absolutely loves other dogs and just can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really trust people. She’s still my baby though and will gladly roll over for a tummy rub from me!  ^_^



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    wtf- i can’t like this without logging in and such and such…. so here is me liking this! 🙂 She looks so pretty and well mannered!

    1. haha. Thanks! Yeah WordPress likes people to log in. :-/

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