Sangju’s Battlefield of 1592 Japanese Invasion

Sangju, though considered a city in Korea, is one of the smaller cities. Most of the foreigners there don’t really consider it a ‘city,’ especially because you can walk or bike to pretty much anywhere in the city within 30 minutes. When I used to live in Sangju, I liked to walk and/or jog along the river.

When I first started walking along the river, they hadn't built these tents yet.

When I first started walking along the river, they hadn’t built these tents yet. See the green path? That’s where I’d jog.

On the other side of the river, there’s a historical site. The architecture would grab my attention, so I eventually snapped a picture of the sign that was visible from the street.


Unfortunately, the gates would be locked by the time I got home at 6pm, and on the weekends I was too busy socializing or traveling to make the 10 minute walk. 🙂  So, it wasn’t until after I had moved out Sangju, that I decided to visit this place. (By the way, it’s only about a 15 minute walk away from the bus terminal. Exit the front doors of the bus terminal. Turn right and walk past the taxi drivers. Keep walking straight; you can’t miss it.) It’s quite small, but it’s one of the historical sites to see in Sangju and it’s usually not busy.  Here are 4 pictures, but I have more available in my flickr album (click here).



  1. david · · Reply

    wow, sangju is my family’s ancestral hometown. unfortunately i have visited the place. more pictures of sangju please.

    1. Wow that’s interesting! It’s pretty small but in the past, it was very important. I have pictures on my flickr page (the link is in the blog). ^.^

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