100 Push-ups!…or not

This picture is just completely appropriate:

100 pushups or 10

I restarted Week 4 knowing full well that it would be difficult. I knew that because I had been doing my push-ups incorrectly, that I most likely wouldn’t be able to complete all of the sets in a formal push-up. I was right. I was still disappointed in myself, though. For each set (16-20 push-ups), I managed the first half of them in a regular push-up position, but then I finished the rest on my knees. It was rough. It was embarrassing. I finished the week though (three days of 5 sets of push-ups). At the end of each session, my arms and chest were TIRED. Doing the ‘max out’ round at the end was almost impossible…I was doing push-ups on sheer will-power. My muscles were definitely feeling it the following days (my off-days).

The fourth week is supposed to finish off with with a progress test. I haven’t brought myself to take it, though. To be honest, I don’t think I will. I have lost my drive for doing 100 push-ups. Add that to the fact that my ‘Week 4’ was more like the SEVENTH week since I started trying to do push-ups regularly, and I think you get the idea. Maybe later in the future I’ll tackle the push-up challenge again. As for now, the weather is warming back up and I think I want to start jogging again. (Unfortunately, I’ll still need an ankle wrap because I STILL don’t have full stability in my right ankle.  If you missed out on that, I managed to give myself a high ankle sprain last year and then a light sprain this year.)

[If you missed my quest for the 100 push-ups, you can still read them: 123, and 4.]



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    wow, all these problems and you are younger, here my shoulders hurts for no reason, i think is bone deterioration, i have not jogged since last year \march… try that one out. i know my cholesterol must be through the roof. lol

    1. My ankles are my primary weaknesses, I think. At least I don’t notice it on a daily basis. 🙂 Then again, maybe if I noticed, I’d do more strengthening exercises. Right now, I’m just trying to master balancing on one foot with my eyes closed without flailing around, opening my eyes, and/or having to drop down my other foot.

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