Going to a ‘Peach’ Festival

So rewind to a little over a year ago. Hyun-oo has come over to my apartment on a Friday evening and we’re trying to decide on what to do for the weekend.

I didn’t know it at the time, but it seems that I usually have to come up with the ideas, “I want to go to a festival.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t know. Can you search?”

Hyun-oo sits down on my computer and starts looking at a bunch of Korean websites, “A green peach festival. You want to go?”

“Green peaches?”


“What do you do at a peach festival?”

“Catch peaches and eat.”

Fast-forward a couple of hours, and you find us on some back roads in the middle of nowhere without a toilet. (read here). As it nears 4 am, we come up to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. We opt out of getting a hotel, and decide to sleep in his car. It was an uncomfortable sleep because it was in the heat of summer. I was hot, so I turned on his car for the AC. The vents were mostly pointed at Hyun-oo, so he’d become cold and turn the car off. This continued back and forth for a couple hours until we fully woke up.

“Why was my car so cold?”

“I was hot so I turned it on.”

“Oh!!!” he laughed, “I was so confused! I thought I didn’t turn my car off.”

I started laughing  with (at) him…it’s still a joke to this day.

Anyway, we headed to the festival. I was more than a little perplexed to see that there were very few trees. In fact, the festival was held alongside a river.


There were people wading in the water:


There were even sand castles:


That’s when I realized…we had not come to a peach festival. We had come to a FISH festival.  I don’t even like fish. I guess the joke was on me. I will say that one good thing came as a result of this festival: Hyun-oo can NOW pronounce ‘fish’ correctly. Here are some more pictures from the festival:

You can see some more in my flickr set. By the way, the festival name, in Korean is 봉화은어축제.  It’s in Gyeongbuk Province, in Bonghwa-gun (near Yeongju). The fish is “Ayu” or “sweetfish.”



  1. Sarey Mas · · Reply

    I had never heard of peach picking referred to as “catching” – that was my first clue that there was a weird translation. hahaha.. That’s a pretty hilarious story! ❤

    1. Yeah. I was thinking to myself, “Do they shake the trees and people run around and grab the peaches before they fall to the ground?” LOL.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    sounds like you had a great weekend… i miss gatherings, we use to go to them in germany…lol

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