Taxis and Dogs

Korea is just like the United States in this regard; whether or not a taxi accepts pets into their vehicle is completely up to the driver. I think in America and Korea, drivers will simply refuse service because they don’t like animals, they don’t trust them, or they worry about a ‘mess’ that the animal will leave behind. I think most taxi drivers are more accommodating if the pet is in a carrier though. Unfortunately for me, lugging around a carrier for a 45 lb (18 kg) dog is not really feasible for a quick trip (15 min. drive) to the vet. As a result, I have had to walk my dog to the vet office–a 75 minute walk ONE way.

One thing that differs is WHY some taxi drivers refuse service. This is something that I learned from a Korean:

There have been incidents of some Koreans who purposely look for taxis that have driven an animal. Then they will then take that cab SOLELY to file a health complaint citing illness or allergies due to the previous animal passenger (not because they actually became sick). In effect, they basically ‘sue’ taxi drivers to get free money.

Honestly, I was at a loss for words when I heard this. I couldn’t believe people would ACTUALLY do it.

Honestly, there need to be more pet-friendly  taxis.

The world is in serious need of more pet-friendly taxis.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Here the cabs usually picks up individuals with groceries, once they arrive to destination, they take off leaving the individuals abandon and the cab drivers takes off with the groceries..figure that one out.

    1. That’s pretty crazy! I guess they’re desperate for food. That definitely wouldn’t happen in Korea. If you accidentally forget something in the taxi–that’s a bit of a different story.

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