100 Push-Up Challenge: Week 3

So I took quite a few days off before I started week 3 and took days off between the three days of push-ups. I tell you what, day one was TOUGH and the difficulty only increased. I’m basically doing double the amount of pushups each set as opposed to last week. When I first started this challenge I wouldn’t have even been able to do even one of these sets!  I pushed through it though.

During weeks one and two, I remember scoffing at the ‘long breaks’ between each sets (1-2 minutes or more if needed). This week though, I ended up taking an average of two minutes between each set. I definitely felt weak from the exertion by the last ‘max out’ set.

The last day was the worst. During a set (or two), instead of knocking out all the pushups in a row, I had to remain in push-up position and take an extra breath or two before I could complete all the push-ups. Starting with Day One this week, I’m not even sure if I did all of my push-ups correctly. I know that I kept good form (I can definitely tell my core has strengthened!) but I’m not sure if I went ‘all the way down’ in ALL of my pushups. It’s honestly a bit of a disappointment.

I'm pretty sure my face wasn't much better on my last set of push-ups for the week. >.<

I’m pretty sure my face wasn’t much better on my last set of push-ups for the week. >.<

I predict Week 4 will not be any easier…



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    dont do it the hard way, do it female style, that is place the knees on the floor, the secret of pushup is build the small muscles first, do them slow.. than you will see the improvement.

    1. Well I can do it the ‘normal’ style. I did the first two weeks like that no problem. This week was just much much more difficult because I went from doing 4-8 per set to 8-13 per set. I do feel the small stabilizing muscles though…definitely core strength in my back and stomach.

  2. beachfitrob · · Reply

    I stole your pic for my 1000 pushup challenge post: http://wp.me/p3eiP8-jc

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