100 Push-ups: Week 2 & Progress Test

I began the push-up challenge a little over a week ago (read here). I started out pretty good on week 2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep my Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine with a rest on weekends. I got super busy with work and barely having energy to exercise my dog. I ended up doing my push-ups Tuesday-Saturday-Monday. I was able to do the sets pretty easily and the lengthy rest-time felt a bit unneeded. For instance, the last day calls for 2 minute breaks (or longer), but I was ready to go for the next set within a minute. I guess that means it probably wasn’t too hard of a week for me? I finished my last set of push ups of week 2 pushing out TEN push-ups. I was proud, but worried.

I glanced at week three to see how many push-ups I had to be able to do for the progress test. The bare minimum to stay on target is SIXTEEN push-ups. So, while I was feeling good about my ten…I highly doubted I’d be able to knock out 16+ push ups in one go. So, I started planning what I would do. I thought about redoing week 2 but on the next level of difficulty…but then I thought that I don’t know if that’d be really fair to myself. So, I figured if I did less than 16 push-ups, I’d redo BOTH weeks but all on the ‘second level’ instead of the ‘first level.’

I approached my progress test Wednesday night–after a day of rest. I was completely surprised when I knocked out ten push-ups and wasn’t even tired. I kept going. Four more…I started feeling tired, but not terrible. Two more…sixteen! I was tired, but I wanted to push myself…and really try to max out. I was only able to squeeze out one more push-up…but I was VICTORIOUS. My face was red from the exertion, but I was very happy with myself. Two(-ish) weeks ago..I could only do 4! push-ups. (yikes!) I am now ready to tackle Week 3 on the lowest level of difficult. 🙂

I feel I should mention that I am NOT doing 'girl' push-ups.

I feel I should mention that I am NOT doing ‘girl’ push-ups.


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