High Schools: USA and Korea Part 1

I have decided that this topic is long over due (especially since I’m now working in a Korean elementary school). There are SO MANY DIFFERENCES between the two education systems. Although I have never been a Korean teacher, I have been able to see the different ways the education systems are set up. I have seen a plethora of differences between the faculty, the students, the policies, and the physical buildings themselves. Due to the sheer amount of topics, my posts will come out as a series. I thought I would start with a taste of this topic with only TEN (very generic) similarities but, as a warning, some of these similarities will probably be elaborated on as differences in future posts.

  1. There are teachers, principals, vice principals, and (of course)  students.
  2. There is a bell schedule with  ‘passing periods’ (breaks between classes).
  3. There are standardized (government issued) tests each school year per grade and there are ‘practice’ exams for said standardized tests.
  4. There are midterm and final exams (teacher made).
  5. There is at least one set of restrooms on each floor of the school.
  6. There are behavior rules/codes of conduct for students.
  7. Students are expected to bring textbooks and pens/pencils to class.
  8. There is a set curriculum with room for electives.
  9. Classrooms consist of a teacher’s desk as well as student desks (and chairs of course).
  10. There is a graduation ceremony.
No REAL high school breaks out randomly in song

No REAL high school breaks out randomly in song

This will probably be the only post in list format on this topic. More to come!



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    That school is similar to this academic one I am at. The only difference is that there is no standardized test they need to take. We make the midterm and final. But, there are school representatives that check your weekly, monthly and yearly plans. Statistically speaking, IPA international Panamerican school do go and become doctors, managers and so on. Some even get transferred and go to US colleges.. others head south.. but over all they are well prepared.

    1. That sounds pretty awesome. Standardized tests are not all they’re cracked up to be.

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