100 Push-up Challenge: Week 1

I’ve decided to take a 100-push-up challenge. It’s for all ages and the shortest amount of time it can take is just 6 weeks!  You can read about it here: www.hundredpushups.com.  I am decidedly weak when it comes to push-ups. I’ve actually never been very good at push-ups. The most I used to do was about 100 in a day in sets of 25…this was back in my ‘prime’ when I was very active with gymnastics.  Anyway, this challenge is to be able to do 100 push-ups IN.A.ROW. The website basically guarantees it will happen if you follow their regimen 3 times a week. (They even have methods to strengthen up if you can’t do one full push-up;)

So I started on the lowest of the tier, coming in with 4 great push-ups for my initial test. (Don’t judge me! haha. I haven’t done any exercise beyond walking/jogging truth be told.) I successfully completed week one though. I’m looking forward to upcoming weeks.  I ‘maxed out’ for my week (the last set of 4) with 7 push-ups. I’m pretty shocked at my improvement…that’s 3 more solid push-ups and that’s AFTER doing four previous sets. The first week took less than 10 minutes/day with plenty of rest between sets. 🙂

At least my form is better than this baby's lol

At least my form is better than this baby’s lol


You can read more: Week 2.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    push up, i recall when i started out, at 11 years old, with arturo.. arturo at the age of 12 could do 70… later in the army.. i did 70 in two minutes and 100 .. all it takes practice, now.. when you start do it nice and slow, you need to develope the small muscles first. before you know it you reach 100. I recall you girls use to get on my back and i use to do them..you all got a kick out of it…lol..

    1. Yeah the program is very progressive and slow. so far so good. I need to update! >.<

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