Roadtrip with No Toilet

I joined a friend for my first-ever Korean road trip (a car-not a bus). I have raved in the past about how great the highways are with their strategically placed highway rest stops for bathroom breaks, restaurants, ‘street food’ counters, and shops. Unfortunately, my friend is cheap and avoided the highway. We took back roads instead. If you travel the back roads during the day, you’re apt to find restaurants and convenient marts littered within villages. We were on a road trip starting around 11pm…and there was no store in sight. Of course, this had not prevented me from downing a can or two of soda.

We had been searching in earnest for somewhere to stop-for refreshments and a bathroom break. Somewhere around 1am, I got to a point where I just could not take it any more. There were next to no cars on the road so I was like, “Stop the car!”

It took about five more minutes to find a good stopping point. I didn’t want to pee right beside the car. Even though it well after midnight at this point and there were no street lights, I still wanted to be as concealed as possible. I headed for some near by foliage to relieve myself. I was in my squatting position and about to relax my bladder, when I swore I heard someone coming. I knew I was on a bit of an incline, but I panicked and took a small step backwards. I lost my footing, so I kind of reached out, stretched my legs and flattened myself against the side of the ‘trench’ like hill. I slid down against the earth on dirt, tufts of grass, rocks, and twigs.

When I was on some solid footing, I resumed the squatting position and hurried up with my business. When I regained my composure, I felt the wall of earth in front of me– it was up to my chest!  So, I had to CLIMB up the mini trench I had fell into. Come to find out, no was even near me!

I got to enjoy this beaut as a reminder of my misfortune:


*Sigh*  I really am just plain clumsy.


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